Code of Conduct

TICH is dedicated to performing business with integrity and upholding high ethical standards. Recognizing business success is reliant on honest, ethical behavior.

TICH’s code of conduct is applicable to owners, employees, agents and representatives to act in accordance with company standards defined in this code of conduct. TICH has set out this code of conduct to guide afore mention parties to understand and use in all (business) settings.

The code of conduct does not extend to personal scenarios; however, this does not alleviate responsibility of honest, ethical behavior, in general, throughout daily life.

TICH’s code of conduct is created around four qualities: ethics, compliance, quality and teamwork.


  • Perform responsibilities with objectivity, due diligence, and professional care.
  • Maintain competency in field of work including training, professional education and improvement.
  • Achieve a level of competence that will assure the quality of services meets the highest level of professionalism required by this code of conduct.
  • Serve in the interest of internal and external stakeholders in a manner, while maintaining high standards of conduct and character.
  • Maintain confidentiality of information obtained during the course of business. Release of confidential information to legal authorities, if required, shall be performed by the Officers of the company.
  • Acting with respect for others.
  • Behaving as responsible members of local communities.


  • Conduct business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Mitigate risk by performing responsibilities in a just and timely manner as determined by governing bodies.
  • Support compliance with all parties covered by this code of conduct.
  • Maintain compliance of professional standards and licenses.
  • Zero tolerance policy of theft or fraud.


  • Provide products and services which consistently meet customer’s expectations.
  • Consistency in quality routinely monitored.
  • Known for quality.
  • Adherence to high professional standards representing quality required of each profession.


  • Creating dynamic teams that communicate openly.
  • Exuding passion about and enjoying professional life.
  • Leading by example.
  • Welcoming change and innovation.
  • Enjoying an open platform to create individual work life balance.

TICH’s code of conduct qualities are developed through a series of seven ongoing processes creating a culture necessary for excellence.

  1. Creation, adherence, documentation and upkeep of standards.
  2. Consistent and ongoing oversight and assistance.
  3. Support of education and training to encourage growth and empowerment.
  4. Monitoring for effectiveness.
  5. Reporting focusing on an open door policy and self-adherence.
  6. Enforcement of compliance and self-sustained discipline.
  7. Agility for quick response and cultural driven prevention.
  8. Our Mission

Teaching Individuals Company Health

Our Goal

Transforming companies into the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Supporting our Communities

  • Active member of the community.
  • Giving back by hiring entrepreneurs within our local communities, first.
  • Providing opportunities to college students with a primary focus on local community and regional colleges.
  • Supporting the local community by providing donations and service of time.

Protecting the Environment

To build a company that proliferates through empowerment and technological optimization.

  • Allowing for every person to work at a place of their choosing. No need for pollution generating transportation. No office space or additional electricity.
  • Creating additional time for family and culture.
  • Building a digital company. Eradicating printers and use of paper.

We each have a moral obligation to practice and encourage sound business ethics. Our culture is moral based, not ruled based. We do not try to cover rules here but values of TICH and associated parties.

The values expressed summarized in this code of conduct can help you make the right decision. However it is up to each induvial to behave ethically. We are each responsible for our own actions.

Always report or request help in any areas of concern.

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