What is the technology of an AI Strategy?

AI is inclusive of technology such as machine learning, sentiment analysis, and natural language processing. There is smart RPA meaning AI is used in conjunction with the RPA to make better business decisions. It is these tools supported by the other technology that allows for real-time information.

The technology of an AI strategy is the entire conglomeration of the digital footprint. Such as applications, cloud computing, edge computing, AI, hardware, RPA, personal devices......

AI Strategies secured thru innovation management

Doing business may appear same the same but everything has changed. AI has modernized the business model by aggregating customers' experience and business processes into revenue in real-time.

AI strategy capabilities start with employees, technology, and data. There are benchmarks necessary in each for successfully scaling AI. Learn more about scaling AI in "Why the Change".

Employees must be trained on the new business model. Understanding their contribution of collaboration along the digital channels. The requirement of advanced analysis and technological prowess with an eye on innovation.

The legacy technology must be understood, like a road map with a detailed legend. Including functionality and redundancy between systems. Also needed is a deep dive of everyone's technology skill set from Leadership throughout the company.

Within a database and cross-organizationally, data must be clean, and standardized. Understanding the reason the data is kept. Incorporating the data location information into the technology road map.

The interaction of employees, technology, and data are the business processes. Stabilized processes are fundamental for the success of an AI strategy.

The culmination of each benchmark results in the very skills needed to implement and sustain a company driven by real-time information. Endless consultants' time should not be in play.

An AI strategy folds together the employees, technology, and data to and executable plan of a constantly learning entity from external and internal sources.

AI strategy breeds innovation management. Redefining competitive advantage. Moving companies to boundless opportunities.

The benefit of AI is its rapid acceptance. Many, if not all, applications, have AI functionality already. The pieces of an AI strategy already exist in every company. It is a matter of bench marking, redefining the strategy to maximize AI, and defining unambiguous outcomes; and an AI strategy is a reality.

Artificial Intelligence:
 Impact to the  Business Frontier

The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings exponential change, and real-time information demanding an AI strategy. 

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