About Us

TICH is about teaching individuals company health thru innovation management; the foundation to AI strategies anchored in people, data, and technology.

Strategies are changing, and AI is the disruptor of the business frontier. So much so, the disruption is an industrial revolution; the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

[A.K.A] Industry 4.0, is an exponential leap forward in operational efficiency, value creation, and innovation. Automation, analytics, and real-time information are tools used for these gains.

Internal expertise of  these tools, is key to success in this revolution. Employing internal personnel is best practice to modernize. 

That's where we come in.....providing experience and research to transform businesses. 

VISION: Teaching individuals company health.
MISSION: Building strategies innovating people with technology. Paving the way to a modernized competitive advantage with AI. Resulting in real-time information for better business decisions.

Artificial Intelligence:
 Impact to the  Business Frontier

The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings exponential change, and real-time information demanding an AI strategy. 

Our goal is to teach companies this new way of business. 
We believe in teaching individuals company health. 
Learning Center
13501 Ranch Road 12, Ste. 103
Wimberley, TX 78676
+1 512.554.8707

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