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Artificial intelligence is changing the business frontier

The TICH Difference

Companies today face a global economy with intensified Compliance scrutiny, Financial pressures, Office complexity, and a need for Strategies built on real-time information. Operating in today's environment starts with a strategy grounded in people and a digital business model that maximizes revenues and minimizes friction points. The strategy strengthens with artificial intelligence technologies by providing real-time information, and moving companies beyond a competitive advantage to a real-time advantage.

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Using AI for Better Business Strategies

Gain and understanding of how business models embedded with artificial intelligence move companies from a competitive advantage to a business advantage in this podcast titled, "Using AI for Better Business Strategies" by TICH's founder, Kelly Mattarocci; an interview by the American Institute of Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA).

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Financial - Business Risk Areas Prone to Regulatory Agencies Use of AI

Regulatory agencies are using artificial intelligence for ‘anticipatory regulation’. This type of regulation hyper focuses on subjects’ characteristics for successful efficient regulations. The regulatory agencies’ subjects are businesses. The affect is business risk areas which are prone to regulatory agencies use of artificial intelligence. Anticipatory regulation uses artificial intelligence to solve problems and find regulatory […]

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Human Resources -Automation 101

The back office is the backbone of a company, consisting of IT, operations, HR, accounting and compliance. Most of the back-office departments are all jobs that do not directly generate revenue. In this age of automation, companies have searched for ways to computerize many back-office and other non-revenue generating jobs. More than 50% of internet […]

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Regulatory – 7 Privacy Predictions

Industry 4.0 is bringing about engaged regulator agencies seen in the expanded use of technology by regulator agencies and the changing laws. Examples of this expanded use of technology include nudges prompting people to pay their taxes timely and crowd sourcing for transportation improvement ideas. In addition to the use of technology, there is an […]

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Artificial intelligence allows for real-time information for infinitely scalable advantage

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