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AI: Impact to the Office Professional

The revolutionized professional remains every company’s most important asset. Technology allows people to move away from repetitive tasks and silos and move to complex problem solving and innovation. Responsibilities are not a project or task. They are collaboration, problem-solving, innovation, and value creation within the digital platform ecosystem.

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2020 Vision, New Year, New Business Models

Listen to this enlightening interview with Kelly Mattarocci as she discusses what companies should be talking about when it comes to new styles of technology-ready business models. Also hear 8 benchmarks for companies' readiness for an AI strategy. Listen here. Podcast by the AICPA-CIMA.

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Using AI for Better Business Strategies

Using AI for better business strategies modernizes the way business is done. AI aggregates customers' experiences and business processes into revenue in real-time. Learn how in this podcast titled, "Using AI for Better Business Strategies" by TICH's founder, Kelly Mattarocci; an interview by the AICPA-CIMA.

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Risk Areas Prone to Regulatory Use of AI

Regulatory agencies are using AI to determine noncompliance. Risk areas are seen in common business outcomes such as department silos and extension of returns year after year.

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